Major Product
  • ATE (Automatic Test Equipment)
  • STE (Special Test Equipment)
  • PMA (Portable Maintenance Aid)
  • TPS (Test Program Set) Development
  • Various Simulators
  • Optical Test Bench
  • ILS Software Analysis
  • Fault Isolation Unit / Breakout Box
  • Military Cabling & Wire Harness Design, Assembly & Test
  • ICTA (Interface Circuit & Test Adapters)








Ground Support Equipment
T-50 Aircraft Breakout Box for Ground Test


Special Test Equipment

Development Conceptional Design, Production, Depot & Field Maintenance
Depot and Maintenance "D" Level
Military Applications
Analog Production & "D" Level ATE
Internal Navigation & Attach System
OTB Components for HUD Testing
PADS Sets (Position Azimuth Determining System)
EK - 20
The Most Versatile Airframes in the Sky
Military Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnissance applications.

The EK-20 is a robust Tier Class, runway independent UAV, designed to carry a wide range of payloads with long endurance and reliability. The EK-20 is supported with factory flight training, full parts inventory, and a team of engineers to assist you with custom payload configuration and integration.


- Rugged and reliable
- Engineered for austere conditions
- Large payload capacity
- High persistence
- Modular internal payload design
- Wing hard points for external payloads
- Full autonomous capability, launch to land

EA - 12

Major Features

Major features of the Gunship AutoCopter are:

- Can be carried by two people - wheeled to the takeoff point
- Gross weight when fully loaded is approximately 50 pounds
- Size: 100" long (from tip of main rotor to tip of tail rotor), 2.4' high, 1.8' wide
- Main Rotor Disk diameter: 7'
- Weight: (fuel tanks empty) 55 lbs
- Payload: 30~50 lbs with standard fuel tanks
Power Plant
- 8.5 Hp turbine engine
Flight Performance
- Maximum air speed: 60 mph
- Time aloft: 1 hours on standard tanks
- Maximum flying altitude: 5000'